Jalan Pantai Berawa, Gang Kunti No.6 Canggu, North-Kuta, Bali. Phone: +623614740664 Mobile: +6281238917644

About us

Our Residence Viewpoint

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As a friendly resident, it is always appreciated to share info or experience about Bali especially for those who are very new to Bali especially in Canggu. 

Socialize, meet and greet

As a semi Guesthouse concept, we provide environments for Guests to mingle with each other.

Relaxing like on holiday

Living in Bali is about relaxation, we strive to create a homey resort-like ambience for your self-pampering needs.

Why do we exist

We are a family-owned company that has been managing Askara Villas, the villas in canggu since 2012. We look over and working closely with our staffs in order to reach our hospitality standards in quality and services. Impacted by an experience of living abroad previously, we began to consider in creating a community type of residence, unlike villas that are personalized and private. Scratches of ideas started from 2013 and here we are at the end of 2015, finishing up with the buildings and beginning to run the property. We are very hoping to create a lively and outgoing ambience especially for those who are planning to stay in Bali for some amount of time. We are looking forward for creating a cozy environment and adding more additional concepts to our lovely townhouse in Canggu.



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Our Service Principals

Create a friendly environment

We are creating a community space with guests living under different roof but sharing the pool and lounge. Our goal is to give chance to involve in intercultural exchange and meet people you would have never met while living alone.

Run the property like luxury hotel

Even though the property runs like a social house, we keep the service a hotel-like experience where every room is fully furnished similar to a condo apartment, you can still have your own privacy at your own suite room.

Fast response for guests' needs

Our staffs will be attentive in providing info and answer your inquiries, we will reply your email within by longest 24 hours of time.

Serve by the heart

Transforming the way our community to be our responsibility to pursue. We belief that through ministering one another creates a perfect union.