Jalan Pantai Berawa, Gang Kunti No.6 Canggu, North-Kuta, Bali. Phone: +623614740664 Mobile: +6281238917644


Askara Canggu Townhouse Location

Located in Canggu, North-Kuta area at Jalan Pantai Berawa, gang kunti at the end of the narrow road. The direction to this property for the easy way is to find canggu club first. If you are coming from batu belig area turn right at the end of the jalan batu belig. Follow the pathway similar to going for La Laguna beach bar until you find Canggu Square, turn right then follow the road as you find SPLASH waterpark or Canggu Club on your right, go straight for about 700m until you find a small cafe called Satu-Satu Cafe. Turn right entering the narrow road gang Kunti, and you will find Askara Canggu Townhouse at the end of the road.

[Hint: at night since the road is dark we have a bright spot light to indicates that we are at the very end of the road]


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