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2 Jun

Izakaya Night at One Eyed Jack, Berawa


June has come! Yesterday we had blessed rain in Canggu but today comes back to sunny day. I guess it was about 2 weeks ago and when we were on board of Jakarta-Bali flight. My husband showed me in-flight magazine in his seat pocket and said “Hey look! It’s coming to Canggu, super cool!” “What? Japanese style Izakaya(bar) dining?” Since then, we are willing to try this new spot in Canggu named “One Eyed Jack.”

1464769092666_red lantern

Located at Jl. Pantai Berawa and it won’t be happened you miss it because of its red big lanterns in front of the bar. Chuhai cocktail(alcoholic drink), Beer, Yakitori… wow it’s totally Japanese Izakaya!!

Actually at this time we were really hungry and wanted to eat big dinner so stopped and wondering whether we try it today or postpone to next time, but curiosity couldn’t hold us. We decided to go inside. (In fact they have some bowl menu and set menu also.)

“Irasshaimase” (“Welcome to the restaurant” greetings in Japanese)

I think it was a bit earlier to call it “night” but already there were few groups enjoying their talks with Japanese sake/cocktail.

“Shall we order some Yakitori?” after our short eye contacts we called a staff and asked “What is your recommend in this menu book?” He smiled and replied “It’s not in this menu book, but we have good salmon today” “Well ok, we’ll have the one.” Later we would know the price was also good though…


Salmon Umami(Rp. 165,000++)



Pork Belly Ume Shiso(Rp. 35,000++)

While we are enjoying our salmon and cocktails, guests came one after another and never stop. It’s amazing to see a lot of people to come for this small izakaya newly opened in Canggu. We better to call and book beforehand when we come back on next time, since it might be more popular in few months…

Also I like their lighting art by lanterns both inside and outside of the bar.

IMG_20160531_145304_inside dine

I feel like Canggu is getting more fashionable and trendy spot these days..


Address: Jl. Pantai Berawa No. C89

TEL: 0819-9929-1888

Homepage: https://www.facebook.com/oneeyedjackbali/


Canggu Mania




お店はJl. Pantai Berawaに面していて、大きな赤提灯が目印のお店は、遠くからでもすぐにそれとわかります。お店の前のショーケースにメニューをチェックしてわかったのですが、ここはれっきとした居酒屋ですね!酎ハイや日本産のビール、それに合いそうな小料理が並んでいます。本当はお腹がすいていて、がっつりごはんの気分でしたが(後でわかったのですが、丼ものやミニ定食のようなメニューもありました)好奇心も後押しし、お店に入ります。







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