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30 May

Enjoy Japanese cusine at Bali – Sushi Tei








Hello everyone,

Time flies…another weekend has come. How are you doing?

I’ve just moved to new house (well actually the house itself is really old though) about 1 week ago so mostly these days I enjoy cleaning, shopping etc to settle down and start my new life. Actually having something to do is always good and fun, right?

Well today, it might be a bit out scope of Canggu series but I would pick up my home country’s dish “Sushi” served in Sushi Tei.

Yes, it becomes more than 4 years since I started to live in Indonesia, my parents and friends in Japan worry and often ask if I miss Japanese food. In fact I’m very flexible and not so picky about the food, so can enjoy whatever I can find here but of course if any opportunity I can taste the good one, why not try?

Sushi Tei is one of my favorite Japanese restaurants famous in Indonesia. As mentioned in their restaurant name, obviously “Sushi” is the main dish of this casual dining but not only Sushi, they serve “curry rice”, “ramen” anything you can imagine as Japanese foods are on their menu book. I will add one more comment here, Sushi Tei is my husband’s (Indonesian) favorite also. That means they cover from very authentic dishes to arranged/fusion dishes as widely.

After we checked all the menu pages and good consideration, we ordered some fusion rolls and ocha (green tea/can refill) for our lunch.

It takes some time before rolls are served, you can enjoy the ocean view from the window. This is privilege only Sushi Tei at Beachwalk Kuta. (In Bali, another branch is located at Sunset road. If you come from Canggu, Sunset road one is closer to access.)

Compare to other sushi shops in Bali, Sushi Tei price is affordable and the taste also nice!

If you became a bit bored of nasi goring and want to get something different, let’s try!


Address: Beachwalk, Lantai 2, Jalan Pantai Kuta, Kuta, Bali

TEL: 0361-846973

Homepage: http://www.sushitei.co.id/


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SUSHI TEIは、インドネシアでとても有名な日本食チェーンの1つで、その名の通り寿司を看板メニューとしていますが、寿司以外にもカレーライスやラーメンなど日本食と聞いてイメージするたいていの料理であれば、メニューブックに載っています。またSUSHI TEIのすごいところは、私のような純日本食を好む日本人にも、私の旦那さんのようにフュージョン・タイプのお寿司が好きな人にも幅広く受けているという点です。


長いタイプの巻物は作るのに少し時間がかかるので、窓の外に広がるクタビーチをのんびり眺めて待つのもいいですね。ちなみにこのオーシャン・ビューはビーチウォーク・クタ店だけの特権です。(チャングから来るのであれば、サンセット通りにあるSUSHI TEIの方が近いです)

バリの他の日本食/お寿司屋さんと比べてもSUSHI TEIの値段は良心的だし、味も良いのでおすすめです。インドネシア料理に飽きた頃にぜひ試してみては?

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